India is the world’s largest democracy and one of the fastest growing economies. As multinationals across the world shift their focus and approach to India, it is important that the country’s tax and regulatory policies are well understood for optimizing growth and success opportunities. The Indian home grown business houses interested in or aiming to set-up a shop abroad or list on the overseas bourses need to understand and stride through an interplay of cross border taxes and regulations for converging on an suitable approach.

Industry focus is fundamental to our approach and encompasses sectors of financial services, information, communication and entertainment, consumer markets, industrial markets, and infrastructure and government.

Being internationally networked with other member firm offices across the globe, we are well positioned to serve as a single-point source for providing international tax advice and approaches. A modern information technology backbone and an up-to-date knowledge management system helps our professionals to keep abreast of the latest international developments. This equips us to pro-actively identify issues, suggest planning, and co-ordinate specializations across jurisdictions for discharging global tax assignments in a timely and cost-effective manner

  • Local documentation studies (including issuance of an Accountants Report) functions & risk analysis comparability analysis.
  • Multi-jurisdictional documentation studies
  • Planning study (margins reviews for budgeting, new transaction planning)
  • Supply chain re-structuring
  • Representation & litigation support (including controversy management)
  • Review of agreements from a transfer pricing perspective
  • Structuring cost sharing arrangements for inter-company transactions

Expertise in complicated direct tax assessments Special expertise and 15 years of experience in complicated tax litigations up to the Income Tax Appellant Tribunal On matters related to the Double Tax Avoidance Agreements and the Income Tax Act, 1961. In the arena of Cross Border Taxation, the Indian authorities have been late entrant. The last few years have seen an extremely aggressive revenue approach focusing on issues related to permanent establishments, transfer pricing, round tripping. etc.. Given the legal labyrinth that taxpayers often face, including those that are operating multiple jurisdictions it is imperative to engage in complicated litigation at all levels of the Income tax Authorities. We have the experience and the acumen to represent clients through tax assessments before the tax department including the international tax department assessing foreign entities to tax in India. We also represent clients in transfer pricing assessments before the Transfer Pricing Department and in appellate forums such as the Dispute resolution Panel and the Income Tax Appellant Tribunal. We help in mitigating hardship and offer intelligent tax advice in a result oriented manner.