• Haryana is one of India’s largest automobile hubs.
  • It has also emerged as a base for the knowledge & manufacturing industry.
  • The entire state falls under the expanse of at least one major industrial corridor, namely, the Delhi – Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC), Amritsar Kolkata Industrial Corridor (AKIC), and Kundli-Manesar-Palwal Expressway (KMP).  
  • The state’s focus on developing efficient logistics systems, coupled with its robust manufacturing sector, has enabled it to emerge as a key exporter of automobiles, textiles, and agro-based products.

There are following reason of investing in the Haryana state in various sectors.

  • One of the highest per capita income among large states in India
  • One of the largest producers of passenger vehicles and motorcycles in India.
  • More than 60% export of Basmati Rice is taking place from the State
  • Highest concentration of BPO workforce in the world.

Following are the Trust sectors to invest in Haryana

  1. Agro & food processing
  2. Auto and auto mobile components
  3. Defence & Aerospace
  4. Electronica & IT/ITES
  5. Footwear & accessories
  6. Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals
  7. Renewable Energy
  8. Textile & Apparels

Haryana Government is providing the following subsidies to the investors:-

  • Investment subsidy on VAT
  • 75%/50%/35%/25% subsidy of VAT/SGST net paid for first 7 years (subject to the conditions)
  • Employment Generation Subsidy
  • One-time support of Rs.10,000/- for capacity building of persons belonging to Haryana engaged in apparel rural functional clusters
  • Interest Subsidy
  • Exemption for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises on term loan for new/expansion/diversification
  • Stamp duty
  • 100% refund on stamp duty on purchase/leasing of land for establishment of enterprise
  • EDC Charges
  • Exemption of external development charges in certain category blocks
  • Exemption in case of ginning enterprises in certain category blocks
  • Electricity Duty Exemption
  • Exemption for 10 years only for new enterprises in certain category blocks from date of release of electricity connection
  • VAT Exemption on cotton yarn
  • 100% VAT Exemption of VAT (subject to some conditions)
  • Transfer Property Tax
  • Exemption from transfer property tax in case of Dyes & Chemicals purchased from outside the state being used in process house.

Conclusion: –

Haryana Governments is providing various incentives and rebates to the investors who are investing in the thrust sectors like agro & food processing, footwear & accessories and others sectors as mentioned above.